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Software Development

By day, I’m a software developer. I’m currently a Senior Software Engineer working for Bloomberg, LP. I’m doing full stack web development. My past lives have included Air Traffic Control software, distributed real-time CORBA and Object-Oriented development training and consulting. Click on the icon to see my resume and a list of my current skills or look for them on linkedIn.


I’ve been actively shooting for the past fifteen years. I shoot travel photography, landscapes, cityscapes, event photos, and the occasional portrait and headshot. And, of course, tons of family photos (which is why I’m never in the shots). Click the icon to see a gallery of some of my best photos. They are also available for sale on

Video Editing

Over the last few years I’ve done a lot of video editing both professionally and personally. I’ve run multi-camera shoots of live plays and then edited the entire production. I’ve created short interview documentary promos, trailers, wedding photo shoot BTS videos and more. Click on the icon above for examples of some of the videos of edited and/or shot.

Photo Montages

Beginning in 2008, I started creating photo montages. Combinations of still photos, and transitions set to music they capture a set of memories with added emotion. I’ve done dozens, many for Bar-Mitzvahs and Bat-Mitzvahs, where they’re a staple. Short and long, some also include video segments as well. Click on the icon above to see examples of my montages. Or go directly to to get one for you and your family.